Last update: 08 Jan., 2019

Shuichi Akizuki, Ph.D.


Keio University

Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Research Associate(Non-tenured)


08, Jan., 2019 One paper has been accepted by VISAPP2019.

26 Jul., 2018 One paper has been accepted by BMVC2018 Workshop. [pdf]

30 Jul., 2017 We got the Stow task - 3rd place of Amazon Robotics Challenge 2017.  

01 Apr., 2017  I became the research associate of Keio University. 

20 Sep., 2016  I received my Ph.D. from Chukyo University.

08 Sep., 2016  Two papers have been accepted by ECCV2016 Workshop R6D.


01 Apr., 2016  I have been accepted as the JSPS Young Research Fellowship DC2.

01 Apr., 2016  This web page has been opened.